If you’re a life science organization facing a challenge in your growth strategy, we’ve likely encountered it and have the battle scars to prove it.

SparkMed Services

Developing a new market? Building your product pipeline? Stuck with a challenging strategic finance issue? Let SparkMed’s team of experienced and creative advisors help you think through solutions.

We’ve worked with numerous organizations, including venture capital, private equity, startups, and multi-nationals.

Our engagements range from single day “problem brainstormers” to multi-day strategic planning sessions and longer term embedded projects.

We aim to help you and your teams break through the most challenging issues. We’ve been there, we’ve made all the mistakes, and we can share our lessons with you.

We have expertise from start to finish in the Life Science space, including:

  • Due diligence

  • Team recruitment

  • Team building

  • Quality systems

  • Regulatory strategy

  • Reimbursement

  • Sales structure

  • Sales compensation

  • Corporate strategy

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Target screening

  • Strategic finance

  • Commercial strategy

  • User needs finding

  • Ideation

  • International commercialization

Some of our projects…

Client: CEO/Executive Team

Early commercial medical device company

Problem: Market Development/Selling Strategy

A venture backed company had received FDA approval and had launched its novel device. But reimbursement was not easy and training times were taking longer, slowing revenue growth despite physician enthusiasm. Sound Familiar?

SparkMed evaluated the reimbursement situation and selling strategy, and develop a revised strategic selling approach that leveraged the existing realities of reimbursement, but allowed for continued development of value added milestones. The company restructured their selling organization, accessed additional capital, and is continuing to expand their market.

Client: Venture capital firm

Publicly traded medical device firm

Problem: Sales organization structure

A VC firm had a majority stake in a publicly traded medical device company in early commercial launch. Sales were growing but at a slow pace. The executives and board were considering additional investment to expand the sales organization.

SparkMed did a deep dive on early sales data, interviewed sales reps, and talked direct to customers. We proposed a “go deep” commercial strategy to management and provide tracking metrics for the investors to review at board meetings.

Client: Cross-over Venture Fund

Pre-Revenue medical imaging/VR company

Problem: Device User Needs Alignment

A Cross-over fund had a majority investment in an early stage pre revenue imaging company. Big picture was exciting but fog between the product and channel strategy was unclear.

SparkMed performed a gap analysis on the system components, mapping revised user needs to product features and aligned with their IP portfolio. This led to a redirection in product development efforts, a new financing round, and active partnering discussions enabled by SparkMed.