Management Team

Dennis McWilliams   Managing Director

Dennis McWilliams

Managing Director

Jack Henneman   Partner

Jack Henneman


John Joyoprayitno   Senior Advisor

John Joyoprayitno

Senior Advisor

Jana’ Busby   Director of Operations

Jana’ Busby

Director of Operations

SparkMed’s a combination of experienced life science executives—the Management Team, with a collective 65+ years of industry experience, and our unique Creative Cooperative—a collection of incredibly dynamic and innovative designers, many of whom are specifically trained in the Stanford Biodesign process.

This medley of expertise allows us to tackle problems ranging from team brainstorming to fundamental product portfolio development and board level strategic issues.

The Creative Cooperative

Our Creative Cooperative team is a group of highly talented and energetic specialists. They share a passion for innovation in medicine and have dedicated the early-mid parts of their careers to learning the processes of bringing breakthrough medical technologies to patients.

The Creative Co-Op specialists’ backgrounds include engineering, clinical medical specialties, entrepreneurship, and every life science niche in-between. Many members have been formally trained at prestigious academic institutions around the world—including the esteemed Stanford Biodesign Fellowship.

While a number of our specialists are working on innovations and startups of their own creation, they’re also delivering expertise and energy to companies and investment funds who, too, are looking to solve problems in innovation and commercialization.